High School Eligibilty, Rules & Policies

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Starting a Club

Starting a junior volleyball program can be both a rewarding and a frustrating experience. The sources of the rewards are rather apparent - - the opportunity to see young people grow and develop, the excitement of athletic competition, and the joy of a job well done. Learn the basics about starting a club here.

The User Manual button below will help you learn what access you have as a club director on Webpoint (the online registration site) .


Need help signing teams up in AES? Check out this video on AES Registration.

Safe Sport Training



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A help desk for online registration is available from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Contact Nancy Funk at (502) 239-1818 or nfunk@twc.com. Club Directors will mail all registration fees to Nancy Funk, Pioneer Region Registrar, 7906 Ferndale Rd., Louisville, KY 4029.



Club Listing

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